Mad Cat Bikes


This was the official website for Mad Cat Bikes. The content below is from its 2008 archived pages.  Mad Cat Bikes is now closed. We will miss you.

It was located at:
2645 Marconi Ave.
Sacramento, CA. 95821
(Town & Country Village Shopping Center, next to Blockbuster)

Mad Cat was voted 2008 Best Bike Shop by the 2008 KCRA A-List Poll!

A nostalgic return to circa 2008 when Mad Cat Bikes was HOT.

We now offer:
he Keep it Rolling Protection Plan<
KPP is a 3 or 5 year extended warranty program that will save you money! Stop by and inquire today!
Ride Now-Pay Later Financing!!
12 months - Same as Cash - no interest - no payments!
It take about 5 minutes to apply. Stop in and ask us how.
If you apply,we'll give you a $10 gift card!

Do you constantly struggle with making adjustments to your bike? Bike maintenance and repair is not difficult, but there are tricks and techniques that can save you time and money.

Our Park Tool School has been a local favorite for over 3 designed to give you the tools, instruction, resources and tips to make all your own at-home repairs. We'll guide you on a tour of your bike, starting with the proper tools and how to use them, then we'll walk you through almost all common adjustments and repairs.

Upcoming Dates:

July 7th, 14th, 21st, 2008

(Mondays 7pm-10pm)

The tuition for PTS includes:

  • -2008 Park Tool AK-37 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit ($280 retail value!)* see note below
  • -Park Tool "Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair
  • -Park Tool Shop Apron ($25 value)
  • -9+ hours of instruction from local industry professionals.
  • -Discounts on tools, parts and accessories
  • -Hours of fun in an exciting and lively teaching atmosphere!
  • -Snacks and beverages provided!

Tuition: $345

*If you own your own tools, and don't prefer the AK-37 kit, the price is $175. Ask us about the tools required for the course upon registration.

Class size is limited, so please call and SIGN UP TODAY! Our customer service reps are standing by....




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Haro Bikes
Masi Road Bikes
Redline Bikes
Bell Helmets
Fox Racing
Profile Design
Park Tools
Meow Mix :-)
and much more...

Yelp Reviews Mad Cat Bikes



5.0 stars Ricky H. | Sacramento, CA

I went here as for the first time, u kept hearing mad cat is expensive or its no good. I'll tell you what....its has really good prices. The Guy working the counter really helped me...I had no idea what I was looking for in size of tubes and everything that I needed to help fix an old bike I had...I would definitely be coming back again.



5.0 stars Missy Jones | San Francisco, CA

I was with a bunch of friends going on a cycling trip of the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail which starts at Discovery Park near Old Sacramento, the paved trail follows the American River for 32 miles to Folsom Dam. We stopped off at MadCat to pick up a few things and to ask if one of their mechanics could take a look at my bike which that morning was having some issues switching gears smoothly. We were an motley dressed group with all of us wearing different popular Batman t shirts. Our batman themed fashion choices garnered a lot of looks and then questions. The mechanic who checked out and found the issue with my bike wanted to know where I had bought my Batman T-shirt. A great online site called Moon At Midnight, check it out. You can even buy Batman workshirts, along with hoodies and sweatshirts for men, women, and kids. He was stoked since he had three boys and knew they would love a Batman t-shirt. MadCat had everything we needed, the mechanic was terrific, and the prices were not outrageous. I will definitely mention the bike shop to my cycling friends.



4.0 stars Desiree H. | Sacramento, CA

Staff is super friendly.

I had a flat and they were able to fix it within 15 minutes and the cost was very cheap. They did not try upsell anything to me and it was a quick and easy process. I will definitely come here if I have any more bicycle needs.



| San Diego, CA


Joe C. pretty much said it all.  It's usually a good feeling going into Mad Cat Bikes. I did have an "issue" in the shop that caused me some emotional stress, but Owner Mike stepped up and offered to make it right. I expect everything to be hunky dory without fail.

The shop is supportive of community events and cycling growth from road, mountain, cross, and all types of biking. I see them at every event I go to. Their race team is everywhere, and that says a lot. Other than some bad seeds, I think the shop, team, club are pretty darn close to perfect too.

I used to buy parts and accessories where I could find the best deal/price, but Mad Cat has proven to offer the best of all worlds.



2.0 stars Brandon L. | Sacramento, CA

if this place is going out of business you'd think they'd be nicer and willing to go the extra mile to help a customer. Let me explain...

Last Tuesday I dropped off my girlfriend's bike to get a tune up. My GF hasn't used her bike in some time so I wanted to make sure the tires didn't have a hole and i wanted just a basic tune up overall. I walked in with the bike and the repair guy quickly asked if i needed help. I explained what I was looking for and he said ok. He felt the tires, and stated there was air in them still so there wasn't a hole, therefore no problem. Simple enough, right? But the way he said it was in such a rude/snarky way as to imply "why did you bring this here?" Ok so I'm not an expert on flat bike tires but I've had broken tires before and my GF's bike felt the same, extremely flat. If to him it was a "stupid" request, then fine, but he could of at least been polite about it and not made me feel like I was wasting his time. I thought his customer service could have been a bit more accommodating.

I also asked if they could lube up some of the springs and gears because it was squeaking a lot to which the repair guy stated (again, rudely)" this is a cheap bike, it will squeak no matter what, there is nothing I can do about that". Oh ok, did I ask you to evaluate the monetary value of my GF's bike or did I ask you to oil it? I simply didn't want the bike to squeak all over midtown.Just the way he said it too was very dismissive.

Since i didn't learn from the second response from the repair guy I also inquired about replacing the seat and the repair guy showed me the only seat that would work (wrong color) then told me to try another bike shop, as if he didn't want to take the time out to help further. Gotcha, so your shop is having trouble with money, based on Mad Cat's latest Facebook post, so you'regoing to tell me to go shop else where instead of helping me order a new one??? It really felt like he just wanted to rid me altogether of my services!

So as he was writing up my order he reminded me that they don't specialize in cruisers (which he stated again, rudely, and seemed to have no patience for bike cruiser owners) as if he was doing me a favor by charging me $55 bucks for a tune up. By the looks of the store, it doesn't look like they specialize in anything but empty shelves. There are many other bike shops in Midtown and you are better served by going to Mikes Bikes or City Bicycle Works. At least at those places they have merchandise to look at, and won't give you an attitude for being an owner of a bike cruiser.

I live in east sac and I love helping east sac/local businesses! For everyone who has had an awesome experience with madcat bikes, then you guys are lucky. They live right down the street from us, and I thought, " Sweet! A closer place I can send our bikes to!" Unfortunately, closer doesn't always mean better. Man, my first experience was such a disappointment, and I am simply not going back.



5.0 stars Greggae H.| Sacramento, CA

If cycling's your game, then Mad Cats the name. I have purchased two medium - high end bikes from this shop and I have nothing but great things to say about it. It's nice that I live down the street from them as well. When I bought my first bike I probably took it in there after every ride for a week and a half. The guys in the service dept had no problem immediately servicing my bike so that it fit my riding style perfectly. They are always very friendly and their prices are competitive. The carry great brands and have an awesome selection. They are happy to make sure you are happy.. The staff is very knowledgeable and active in the cycling community. Oh Yeah! They have a shop cat too. Unless the only thing you like about cats is the taste, he's really cool.



5.0 stars Kristen W. | Carmichael, CA

Great place!! I was a biking idiot and they were able to help me find my new bike, answered all my questions, and even helped me install my new bike rack on my car!! You will not get better service in town. They have helped me adjust my bike after riding, and add accessories. Definitely worth stopping by!!